So you want to start airbrush body art?

If you are considering a career as an airbrush artist, or maybe just looking for a creative side hustle, ShowOffs is here to help you along the way! The face and body painting industry always has room for new artists, and there is certainly money to be made, all while having fun. As an airbrush artist you can:

  • Have the freedom of being your own boss
  • Make great connections within the artistic community
  • Have opportunities to travel for gigs, and more!

As a new artist, it is important to determine what your main focus is going to be. Getting started is an investment of money and your time spent learning this new skill. Here at ShowOffs, we want to set you up for maximum success! There are many creative ways to use stencils to enhance your art, here are a few popular options that we offer:

  • Profiles
  • StencilEyes
  • Henna 
  • Tattoo Pro 

As you grow comfortable with your airbrush skills, you can branch out and expand your offerings! A lot of people start with something simple like airbrush tattoos, then expand into the airbrush face painting world! The more services you have to offer your customers, the more you can expand your customer market and events. Let’s go over the different types of stencils, and then we can move onto which makeup and equipment is going to be the best choice for you.

Profiles Beginner 

Our “Profile” stencils are half-face designs that are a wonderful tool to start with if your focus is being a face painting artist. Each Profile design comes in one simple to use piece, and can be airbrushed in under two minutes! Our selection of Profiles comes in many designs that will appeal to both boys and girls (many being unisex), so there is sure to be a Profile for everyone’s style. A Profile is a single stencil, so there will be no struggle trying to align multiple pieces. These are a great way to add a splash of color to the face, without fully transforming an individual. From toddlers, to grandparents, and anyone in between, Profiles are for everyone!

Stencil in photo: Mozart

Shop our Profiles collection HERE























































StencilEyes Intermediate

StencilEyes are our most popular line of face painting stencils, and they are loved by artists all around the world. StencilEye designs are broken up into 2-4 easy to use left, right, and detail pieces. Once you get a little practice under your belt, these designs can be created in just a few minutes. Most StencilEyes come in your choice of child (7 years and younger), adult (8 years old and up) or one size fits most. From Birthday parties to festivals, StencilEyes are always in demand!

Stencil in photo: Voodoo.

Shop our StencilEyes collection HERE

Check out our StencilEyesFacebook page HERE

Henna Intermediate

Our beautiful collection of Henna stencils are designed by Kim Brennan, who is an international henna artist. These designs are typically applied on hands, arms, and shoulders. Henna stencils are relatively simple to use, but may be challenging when it comes to tattooing on the hands. Simply bribe your friends to be your practice models! You can also try using repositionable tac spray to help hold down the stencil edges. Not only are the Henna designs authentic looking, but ProAiir even has the perfect matching color called “henna”, which is identical to the color of real henna paste. 

Pros of using Henna Stencils and Henna Ink:

  • No waiting time to dry
  • No smearing/smudging
  • Easy to remove
  • Can be embellished with glitter and jewels for extra excitement

Shop our Henna stencil collection HERE

Get inspiration from all of our henna stencil users in our Facebook group!

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Tattoo Pro Advanced

Tattoo Pro Stencils are made by the incredibly talented Wiser Oner, and they are used for creating extremely realistic looking airbrush tattoos. We carry TONS of these Tattoo Pro stencils, and they are all interchangeable. Tattoo Pro stencils are fun because you get to rock a beautiful piece of body art, without the commitment or pain (and in MUCH less time). Our artists who specialize in using the Tattoo Pro stencils will often tell us hilarious stories about their teenage customers pranking their parents because of just how real their tattoos look! With a bit of practice, these stencils will be easily mastered in no time. ShowOffs even made a complimentary makeup color called “Tattoo Pro Black” which resembles a real tattoo! Tattoo Pro stencils will really take your body painting to the next level!





Be sure to check out Wiser’s YouTube channel for awesome tutorials!

Find tutorials HERE

 Shop our Tattoo Pro stencil collection HERE


These small stencils are used to embellish and add textures to body and face paintings. Our QuickEz stencils are certainly something you want to have on hand as an artist to give all of your designs that extra POP! And the best part? They are super affordable! Shop our QuickEZ collection HERE




Now that we have broken down our line of stencils, lets dive into which makeup will be best for you! Our color selection is HUGE with colors including fluorescent, skin tones, pastels, zombies, etc. When using our makeup and stencils your creativity can flow forever with limitless ideas! 

If you think you want to focus on airbrushing faces, we always recommend ProAiir Hybrid. Our Hybrid makeup is water resistant, sweat proof, and gently removes off the skin with soap. These bottles have blue labels and white caps. Explore Hybrid colors HERE

If you’re planning to focus more on airbrushed tattoos, then our ProAiir Inks are for you! Our Ink makeup is designed for our artists who want to provide longer lasting designs. Ink can last anywhere between 3-10 days (depending on skin type and conditions), but can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. These bottles have green labels and black caps. Explore our Ink colors HERE

ProAiir is manufactured in the United States and passes all safety standards set forth by a third-party, US-based laboratory as "skin safe".  ProAiir uses only FDA compliant cosmetics and pigments. At ShowOffs we love animals, so we never test on them! 


Choosing an airbrush setup can feel a little overwhelming, but understanding the basics will help you choose appropriate equipment. 

We carry Iwata compressors, which are best for long nonstop working jobs. Iwata compressors are very high powered and can support multiple airbrushers at once depending on the model. If you plan to work busy festivals and events, an Iwata compressor is going to be your best friend. Find the Iwata Smart Jet Lite HERE

Our ProAiir “lunch box” compressor is much smaller and more light weight than Iwata compressors. These super portable compressors are great for small jobs with a single user. Find the lunch box compressor HERE


For airbrushes, we carry two types, and two brands. If you are convinced that airbrushing is your new career, you may want to invest in the high quality Iwata equipment. If you want to test the waters and are on a budget, the ProAiir airbrushes may be the choice for you. With that being said, our ProAiir airbrushes are still great quality and will help you produce amazing body art!  Gravity feed airbrushes have a “cup” on the top to pour your makeup into. Gravity feeds are great for mixing colors within its cup, and for easily switching colors while using one airbrush.

Siphon feed airbrushes are meant to be used with our adaptor snorkel caps, attached to a 1oz or 2oz bottle of makeup. The makeup is siphoned into the airbrush via the straw that is in the bottle of makeup. Siphon feed airbrushes are best for working with single colors, but most artists will have multiple siphon feed airbrushes set up with different colors attached, so that they have easy access to all of their colors. Shop all of our airbrush equipment HERE

There are several other accessories you will need to get started, so don’t be shy about giving us a call when you are ready to purchase your airbrushing equipment! Our team is always happy to help our customers find the best options that are tailored to fit your needs. Be sure to join our ProAiir facebook groups, and to check out our youtube channel for tons of educational content and support from fellow artists. Our airbrushing community is ready to welcome you, and we wish you great success! 

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  • So you want to start airbrush body art?

     If you are considering a career as an airbrush artist, or maybe just looking for a creative side hustle, ShowOffs is here to help you along the way!

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