Face Painting - Hand Painting 'vs' Airbrush StencilEyes

Airbrush and StencilEyes for Speed!

For speed and results, I use only airbrush face paint and stencils when working festivals.  It never fails, across from me will be a hand painter and I'm painting 2-3 people to every one of her's.  Customers constantly jump from her line to mine and that means more income for me.  As a bonus, because I'm using ProAiir my results don't smear off in the heat!  Parents love that because their money isn't fading away throughout the day!  Because of the speed with which I can crank out faces, I was hired to paint at the professional Spring Training Red Sox games.  Although there are times when I may enjoy creative hand painting more, speed better enables me to pay the bills.

Kim Thomas, Fl and MI   (Snow Bird)

Have your Cake and Eat it Too!

As a creative artist I sometimes want to fill my ego by hand painting and yet the wife tells me I have to make money too! With the discovery of StencilEyes I came up with a great plan; hanging at our festival tent is a sign that reads "Quick and Go or Stay for the Pro". Parents can decide to have their kids painted with StencilEyes (I have my young apprentices working with them since it doesn't require much training) for the quick and go option. They get a grand look that way or they can spend a little more money and get one of MY more custom, hand painted designs.  Granted the airbrush face paint will last all day while mine will not - but the kids look cool and I win both ways.

Sean Avram, VT

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