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Other cool stuff related to face and body painting.
  • Kabuki Flat Top Brush QUICK VIEW Kabuki Flat Top Brush from $ 12.00
    Kabuki Flat Top Brush - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art - 1

    Kabuki Flat Top Brush

    $ 12.00

    Product Info Royal Kabuki brushes are perfect for basing your body art.  Use with ProAiir Hybrid makeup when you want to waterproof the base layer of your body art.  The shape and...
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  • Pros-Aide Professional Grade Adhesive QUICK VIEW Pros-Aide Professional Grade Adhesive from $ 9.00
    Pros-Aide Professional Grade Adhesive - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Pros-Aide Professional Grade Adhesive

    $ 9.00

    Product Info Perfect for your Special Effect needs.   Pros-Aide "The Original" Adhesive 2 oz. or 1 oz By ADM Tronics The real Pros-Aide® Adhesive . Patented formula. Professional grade...
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  • ProAiir ProLong - Barrier QUICK VIEW ProAiir ProLong - Barrier from $ 4.00
    ProAiir ProLong - Barrier - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    ProAiir ProLong - Barrier

    $ 4.00

    Product Info ProAiir ProLong Makeup Barrier extends the durability of your ProAiir Hybrid or ProAiir Ink face and body designs.  This special formula is clear and can be applied by...
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  • Bottle Caps QUICK VIEW Bottle Caps from $ 0.05
    Bottle Caps - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Bottle Caps

    $ 0.05

    Product Info Extra spare tops for your bottles.   Buy a few to go!  
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  • DIPS container with tight seal flip top QUICK VIEW DIPS container with tight seal flip top from $ 0.60
    DIPS container with tight seal flip top - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    DIPS container with tight seal flip top

    $ 0.60

    Product Info Empty 1/2 oz container perfect to pour your DIPS and close the top to prevent from product drying up.  Great for simple storage and travel.
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  • Pump Sprayer (Super Sucker) QUICK VIEW Pump Sprayer (Super Sucker) from $ 1.00
    Pump Sprayer (Super Sucker) - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art - 1

    Pump Sprayer (Super Sucker)

    $ 1.00

    Product Info We call this Pump Spray the poor mans airbrush.  You can mist your ProAiir Hybrid Makeup onto your sponges for traditional face painting.  This special pump is strong...
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  • Easy Pour Twist Cap QUICK VIEW Easy Pour Twist Cap from $ 0.80
    Easy Pour Twist Cap - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Easy Pour Twist Cap

    $ 0.80

    Product Info Perfect for use with top feed airbrushes. Swap out the standard airbrush makeup bottle caps with these for total control needed to cleanly dispense just drops at a...
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  • Mister Bottle 1 oz QUICK VIEW Mister Bottle 1 oz $ 1.25
    Mister Bottle 1 oz - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Mister Bottle 1 oz

    $ 1.25

    Product Info Hybrid makeup dries remarkably fast. Carry a small mister bottle of water along to moisten the skin before applying loose glitters that add the extra WOW factor. 1...
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  • Empty 1 oz Bottle with top QUICK VIEW Empty 1 oz Bottle with top from $ 1.00
    Empty 1 oz Bottle with top - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Empty 1 oz Bottle with top

    $ 1.00

    Product Info Perfect for smaller jobs.  Cap size is 20 ml will fit our  Adaptor Snorkel Caps and Mister Pump Spray.    
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  • Cosmetic Glitter QUICK VIEW Cosmetic Glitter $ 3.00
    Cosmetic Glitter - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Cosmetic Glitter

    $ 3.00

    Product Info Cosmetic Glitter for your tattoos or face painting application.  1 oz iridescent white color.   Universal colors goes well with any background color. 
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  • Red Caps - 10 pack QUICK VIEW Red Caps - 10 pack $ 2.00
    Red Caps - 10 pack - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art

    Red Caps - 10 pack

    $ 2.00

    Product Info Need extra airbrush adapter caps? Sold in packs of 10.
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  • Hoodies QUICK VIEW Hoodies $ 18.00
    Hoodies - SOBA - Show Offs Body Art


    $ 18.00

    Product Info TELL US YOUR SIZE WHEN CHECKING OUT (NOTES)  PLEASE  --  Paint Like A Pro HOODIE - .  join the group of artist who proudly show off their skills as...
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