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Product Info

This cap fits over any 1 or 2 oz size bottles when using with siphon feed airbrushes.  The tube comes longer than needed so trim tube to fit your bottle.   Best to cut at angle and leave little space between bottom and tube.     

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Artist Spotlight

  • Mélanie Bergeron, Canada
    Mélanie Bergeron, Airbrush Bodypainting and SFX Makeup Artist, Montréal Canada

    Mélanie Bergeron, Canada     Melanie's fascination with horror and science-fiction found the ideal outlet when, at age 14, she began experimenting with special effects makeup. Through the years that followed, her boundless creativity and talent led her to experiment with multiple media, from... read more

  • Avi Ram, Airbrush Body Painter and more! Florida

     Ft Lauderdale, FL



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