Pros-Aide Professional Grade Adhesive

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  • 1 oz bottle
  • 2 oz Bottle


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Perfect for your Special Effect needs.  

  • Pros-Aide "The Original" Adhesive 2 oz. or 1 oz By ADM Tronics
  • The real Pros-Aide® Adhesive . Patented formula.
  • Professional grade medical adhesive.
  • Strong bond. High Water resistance. Safe, non-toxic.
  • Used in Special Effects Makeup ad transfer making. 

    Perfect for your Special Effect needs.  

    REMOVAL - Rubbing alcohol plus Olive Oil mixutre

    Application - Preparing Your Skin and Your Prosthesis 1. Wash and thoroughly dry your hands. Repeatedly practice positioning your prosthesis without adhesive to assure accurate placement. 2. Find a comfortable position with good light and a mirror. You may need special magnification mirrors or angled mirrors to help you visualize the area. Eventually you will place the prosthesis with ease without even looking, but initially good lighting and mirrors help. 3. Make sure your skin is clean and oil free. Use of a skin-prep product is optional. Adhering Your Prosthesis 1. Shake or gently stir the adhesive well before opening. 2. With a cotton-tipped swab or small brush, spread a thin layer of adhesive along the outer edges of the back surface of your prosthesis as instructed. 3. Allow to dry until the adhesive turns clear (a hand-held hair dryer on low is OK). 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 resulting in two coats of adhesive. You may allow the adhesive to dry as long as you like. 5. This step is optional but helps some patients position their prosthesis. Next, apply rubbing alcohol on top of the adhesive BY SATURATING A SMALL GAUZE PAD WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL AND QUICKLY WIPING OVER THE DRY ADHESIVE. This allows some “slide” when you position the prosthesis. Quickly apply the prosthesis while the alcohol is still wet! Carefully position THEN press your prosthesis onto your skin. 6. Securely tighten the lid on the adhesive to prevent evaporation. Removing Your Prosthesis 1. Your prosthesis should be removed from your skin on a daily basis, unless otherwise recommended by your physician, to keep tissues healthy and to maintain hygiene. Slide your finger under the thickest edge of your prosthesis and remove it slowly to avoid tearing the delicate edges or irritation of your skin. 2. Once removed, gently roll adhesive off your prosthesis with your fingertips, gauze or textured cloth. If dexterity is a problem try using a “rubber cement pick-up,” available at art supply stores. 3. Clean your prosthesis using rubbing alcohol or a fragrance-free, dye-free dish soap such as Palmolive Pure + Clear, and warm water

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