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      Makeup Packs


      ProAiir goes on smooth, dries fast, is soft to touch, won’t smear, and best of all, holds up under extreme conditions where others fail. ProAiir comes in a vast array of vibrant colors including black light fluorescents. With ProAiir, you can entertain pool parties, mid-summer festivals and moon bounces without the worry of rework or color stained sheets afterward. ProAiir's blend of FDA approved cosmetic alcohol and professional-grade ingredients combine to make the most durable resistant makeup around! Furthermore, ProAiir comes off with liquid soap.

      ProAiir is formulated to be versatile; apply with sponge, brush or airbrush. On top of all that, ProAiir is certified “SKIN SAFE” by an independent US-based laboratory.  ProAiir makeup is NOT tested on any animals. This sets you apart from competitors as customers and insurers will love you for it!  ProAiir is made in the USA, always fresh, very affordable and always in stock.