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Meet Donna Nowak - ShowOffs Founder

Donna Nowak’s evolution from computer programmer to stay-at-home Mom to Temporary Tattoo Artist to International Product Developer extraordinaire began humbly with her two children attending an elementary school festival.  While other parents supervised rides and served refreshments, Donna broke out a pair of airbrushes and a stack of homemade stencils.  Because few people ever heard of temporary tattoos back in the early 1990s, she had no way of knowing what to expect.  Well it didn’t take long before she knew she was onto something BIG!

Students, parents and faculty members alike lined the hallway waiting to be adorned with their very first tattoo.  Roses, hearts, butterflies and more could be seen everywhere.  They found a new love and so did Donna.

To compliment her existing artistic skills, Donna went on a quest for more, attending conventions and picking the brains of all those she met.  Her passion for people and thirst for knowledge led her to many fine presenting artists including Jinny from Mehron and Nicki Wilson from Graftobian while attending her first convention at TransWorld 2000.  From there she discovered the face and body painting circuit and set a goal to one day become one of those presenting artists.

FABAIC provided the springboard that Donna needed to make a name for herself.  After participating in Katie Hunt’s Show-n-Tell program, Marcella affectionately dubbed Donna “Miss Tool Time.”  She had tricks and tips for everything from using a mesh tulle to hold a difficult stencil in place and create textures to making a multiple airbrush holder at home.   Attendance at her very first FABAIC convention launched a career in face and body art that could not have been imagined.

Donna began hustling for jobs, landing everything from Billy's backyard birthday party to gigs like the NFL’s Superbowl Experience, MLB’s World Series and Kim Toms Entertainment Group in CHINA.  With inspiration and ambition, anything is possible!

Fast-forward to 2012 and a struggling economy.  Donna’s passion shifted to helping others achieve success in the face and body painting industry.  With nearly two decades in the business, she knew where current products and services were not quite hitting the mark.  What better way to help others than to produce how-to videos that were both educational and entertaining – “Edutainment” was born.  As well, Donna created a line of stencils to help people hone their skills and produce better designs faster than ever before.  With StencilEyes, Profiles, and QuickEZ, brand new “artists” were cranking out beautiful full-face designs in three minutes or less.  Last, but certainly not least, Donna introduced ProAiir, a line of hybrid, alcohol-based, waterproof, and smudge proof makeup and temporary tattoo ink.  Artists have been showering her with thanks and praise ever since.

It's funny how things come full-circle; from watching, wishing and learning to creating, sharing and offering opportunity for others to follow - giving back - in more ways than one.

  Meet Julie Frazzini

As an administrative member of our team, Julie works closely with customers and clients to ensure they are invoiced correctly and that payments are processed promptly. Her primary responsibility is keeping the books, and she also lends a hand in customer service, order processing, and inventory management. Julie has her BBA from Walsh college and is Mom to two young boys. When not working she enjoys airbrush face painting and spending time with her family.

Meet Erika

ShowOffs is pleased to welcome another member of the Nowak family to the squad; Erika! She’s the daughter of boss lady Donna so she’s been raised in this business. You’ve probably seen her in some of our early videos and tutorials when she was just a wee tyke. All grown up now, she’s becoming the teacher and product developer! Erika is responsible for most facets of customer service including social media, Video Creation, designing StencilEyes, and more! If you call the office, she’s the one most likely to pick up. If you call to place an order and end up buying more than you had planned…don’t worry, it’s normal since she has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Make sure you give her lots of love and say hi at conventions! ☺

  Meet Bruce

Bruce has been with ShowOffs since taking a leave from Corporate America in 2015. He's the one on the right in the pic above. Bruce is our "IT guy" so he's often times working to keep the online stores up and running efficiently. He handles many operational duties as well including inventory management, restocking, product development and order fulfillment.  Like all of us at ShowOffs, he jumps in to help whenever and wherever needed. You may have met Bruce unknowingly at a convention as he often makes his appearance as one of his alter egos (e.g. Kratos).

 Meet Ashley

ShowOffs is pleased to welcome the newest addition to our team, Ashley! She is originally from Florida but has made the move and loving life in Tennessee! She has a cosmetology degree, so she loves the colorful and fun environment of the makeup world! Ashley is responsible for order fulfillment, customer service, and packaging! Halloween is her favorite time of the year, so she is prepared sell some ProAiir to help people scare! If she answers the phone when you call, make sure to give her a warm welcome!

ShowOffs Body Art is the creator of the world's finest, most durable makeup, stencils and supplies for the professional face and body painter. Our signature product, ProAiir Makeup, is a professional-grade airbrush, sponge and brush-on makeup. Everything is made in the USA.

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